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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a Dutch Shepherd and a Malinois?

    There are different ideas about this, if it is brindle it is a Dutch Shepherd and if it is fawn colored than it is an Malinois.  There is also Black Dutch Shepherds and Black Malinois.

    We do have both brindle, black and fawn colors in our litters.  Some people believe that the puppies that are born brindle are Dutch Shepherds and the fawn colored ones are a Malinois.  The Dutch say they are Mal’s if they are fawn colored.

    Will your dogs make good family pets?

    We breed our dogs to be the best working dog for Police, Military and Sport.

    However, our dogs are very loyal to their families and do make excellent house pets as long as they get the physical and mental exercise they need!  They may be naturally protective, but you can train them to be Personal Protection Dogs.

    Due to the fact that so many of these dogs end up in shelters because people want one and then realize they are to much to handle, both energy and sometimes temperament.  Therefore, we now only sell to working homes.  That means they must have a job to do!  Agility, Dock Diving, Police K9, Obedience, Mondio Ring, IPO, Rally, Search and Rescue, etc….

    Are your dogs AKC or UKC registered?

    Nikki is not UKC registered, however she and her litters are registered in the Netherlands with a BRN#.

    Havoc is UKC registered.

    What is their temperament and drive like?

    The Dutch Shepherds in the lines of KNPV we breed are high drive, temperament is naturally suspicious.  They need to be socialized from birth, they may not be social butterflies and are more apt to just love their families and be wary of any strangers or people they do not know well.  However, some will be very social.

    What about the colors?

    Dutch Shepherds are either brindle, reverse brindle, black or an X-mal will be fawn or black.

    How big will they get?

    The Dutch Shepherds females will be about 60 to 80lbs. and the males can range from 70-90lbs.