Here is some helpful info for when you are deciding how to get your new puppy home!

We will help anyway we can, but we ask that you get the info and check back with us on dates and times

and then you book it and then let us know.   This saves a lot of trouble because you know better than us what

days and times you are available.  We are able to accommodate almost all dates and times!


Ground Shipping Companies:

They are a door to door service.  They pick up here at Emerald Wolf K9 and then deliver to your home!

We have found that the price is comparable to flying them and it is much less stressful for the puppy.  They are in

a vehicle, usually a van where it is temperature controlled and if they need to do an overnight, the puppy goes into the hotel

with them!

The 2 below we have not used yet, but are looking into for future shipping.  You can feel free to contact them or any others you know of!

Small Animal Delivery,  Phone: 512-567-4489

JC Transport out of TN.    916 496 5190  (also can contact by message on facebook)

uShip –online service of company’s with 5 Stars where you put in your price and they respond to you with an accept or deny and a pick up date of accepted, then go from there.   I have see them accept some good prices.

Or we also use Delta Cargo 1-888-736-3738

The following link has all the info for shipping a live animal.

It has to be above 10 degrees F. and below 85 degrees F.  here in MN and also at the destination.

We always suggest that you try to find a way to get a non-stop flight if at all possible so the puppy isn’t stuck in its

kennel for 10-12 hours.  Unless there is a layover of more then 5 hours, they will NOT take the puppy out of the kennel for

any reason.  So each layover is longer for the puppy to sit in the kennel.  Now we know this isn’t always possible, so try to find the

shortest layovers.


You are responsible for the price of the kennel if it is being flown.  However, if you do ground transport, they supply the kennel and you can just have your kennel ready at home for when he or she gets there!

United Cargo 1-800-822-2746

United does not have a temperature restriction.