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    Dogs For Sale


    1 Year old Puppy – Ty

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    DOB:  7/5/2016

    Dam:  Nikki

    Sire:  Havoc PH1 Met Lof with Honors

    Trained in French, has excellent Obedience, started bite work, tracking and agility.  He was training in Ring Sport.   He will need an experienced Handler.  He would do best with a Male Handler.  He is neutered.  He is sweet, loves affection, but does like to test you.   He is good with kids and around other dogs.   Bred by Emerald Wolf K9.  Call for more info.  


    Emerald Wolf Raven —-SOLD

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     Raven is one of Land of Oz Zeva’s puppies out of her 2013 litter with Vandalia Timo!  Raven was sold as a puppy and was in several homes before we got her back.  She now has some kennel anxiety and we wish to place her in a home where she does not have to be in a kennel most of the time.  She just wants to be with her family.  She has a lot of energy so she will need to exercised a lot!  She loves to play ball and brings it back really nice!  We have done some obedience with her and some nose work.  She gets along well with male dogs, but not female.  She is not very social, until she gets to know someone.  She would be great for someone who works from home where she can hang out with you all day.  She travels well in a vehicle.

    Please contact us for more information!  651-260-2260

     DOB:  October  12, 2013

     Hips:  Good

    Elbows:  Normal

     UKC# P743-325-D


     KNPV Kaatsheuval (Netherlands)

    SOLD!  Male Malinois “Chico”


    Chico (BRN:23161)
    In training for KNPV PH1 (may 2016)
    Chico is a very large Belgian Malinois. He is a very serious dog, though social. He has a dominant character and needs an experienced handler (not handler aggresive).
    Chico is powerfull in every aspect of his work. His grips are super strong and his attacks are very hard. Chico has everything that a real policedog should have.
    He will only be sold for working purposes, although in the right hands he will be a perfect family dog as well.
    If you are looking for an old-fashioned KNPV dog and you are an experienced dog handler, this dog will be a perfect match.
    (Videos and/or photos are available for those who are interested)

    For more info on Chico please contact

    PH1 trial picture of Chico!!


    Male German Shepherd “Sandor”  SOLD

    Sandor (BRN: 25769)
    German Shepherd Dog


    KNPV Searchdog certification 212 points with honor (max:215).
    1st place at KNPV Searchdog Game with 100% score (215 points).

    Sandor is in training for PH1. We plan to certify him autumn 2016.

    Sandor is a long hair GSD with pedigree. He is a friendly, social dog to both human and other animals.
    He has great hunt drive and is an excellent searchdog. Sandor is easy to handle on the field.
    He has a calm and strong bite on the KNPV suite and the IPO sleeve. Sandor will be perfect for both personal/family protection or working purposes.

    (Videos and/or photos are available for those who are interested)


    For more info on Sandor please contact